Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aloha Utopia Promotional Video

Cosmic Galapagos from Kelsey Allen on Vimeo.

While myself and Jen were working on the various screen prints and installation for "Cosmic Galapagos" (pics to follow shortly), we decided to take one of our collaborative drawings and color it digitally as opposed to screen printing in. We then wound up working with our friend Kelsey Allen on a promotional video for the show featuring the same piece with two different versions: the first was the "regular" version, and the second one featured inverted colors to give a nod to the closing reception, which will be completely black lit. Check out the initial line drawing, as well as each colored version and the video above.

I would like to say Thank You very much to: Shawn Hileman and his awesome space Masthead Print Studio, as well as Kelsey Allen for interpreting our drawings in such an interesting way. Thanks guys!

CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 14th from 6-10pm at Masthead Print Studio 340 Brown Street, Philadelphia PA

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