Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keg & Kitchen Branding

I was (relatively) recently commissioned to brand a new gastro-pub/restaurant venture in Westmont, NJ called Keg & Kitchen.  Though I have worked with the owners before, this is the first time that I have taken on this large of a job completely by myself.  Above is the result of what I feel was a successful collaboration, and something that I am very proud of.  After my initial logo presentation we decided to go in this direction because it has a traditional pub feel to it, but with a comical twist.  I chose Goudy Old Style as the font that would be present throughout their printed matter because again, I thought it had a traditional feel, worked well with the logo, and kept things nice and simple (also why we kept everything in black and white).

The logo itself is basically a collage of copyright-free victorian illustrations that I have collected in various old clip art books.  This was also unfamiliar territory for me, but it was one of those things that I just felt was a good concept and sort of ties into the work I've been doing with my side project The Everlasting Tradition.

This was an extremely fun and challenging project to work on (its actually technically on-going) and I would like to thank Janet and Kevin for working initially contacting me, and trusting me to create an identity for the restaurant.  cheers

**My sincerest of apologies on my lack of punctuality with this post, summer has been too good to me thus far.  There's also a huge update for my portfolio website coming down the pipeline.