Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aloha Utopia presents "Cosmic Galapagos"

I am pleased to announce the next installment of Aloha Utopia, a side project and on-going collaboration between myself and Jennifer Gin (Philadelphia-based artisan and pattern connoisseur). This marks the first time that we have collaborated on not just an exclusive set of prints but also an installation, which will be hosted at Masthead Print Studio (340 Brown St. Philadelphia, PA 19123).

This new set of prints started the same way that the previous prints did, with a collaborative drawing. However, this go around we tried to push and pull different aspects of our drawing styles to compliment the piece as a whole. We have been learning a lot about the collaboration process, and how we work together as a team. Hope to see you out at either the opening or closing!

Aloha Utopia presents "Cosmic Galapagos" at Masthead Print Studio
Opening: Saturday March, 24th 6-10 pm
Closing: Saturday April, 14th 6-10 pm

**The closing reception will feature an alternate form of lighting (black light!) to create a completely new viewing experience.